Simply Kayla Elizabeth

Kayla Elizabeth McCorvey

You're suchh a barbiee ; )
Kayla Elizabeth McCorvey is on the birth certificate, but i go by elsewise. ( KaylaBugg, Toonka, and Thuggaboo] I like to look at life as a rollercoaster. Either be brave or jump down from the thrill. -Kayla Elizabeth ; I lay it downn every nightt in Biloxi, MS. Not the place i really want to be rightt now , but im making the best out of it. Mother, Ashley Kyle  , and dad Taveresz Williams have the title of being the owners of this  PYT ( :
When it comes to friends, i say, "No Comment." I dont believe in friends , i believe in associates. Most people take that offensive but , thats just how i am. I let people know my opinions to their face instead of wanting to say it behind their back. It's called being real, and most take it offensive! That's exactly why everyone is screaming, " ALL FEMALES FAKE & MESSY!" Anyways , my "bestfriends" - high ranked associates, lol are Cheyenne Chesman, Asia Jones, Dassia Grubbs, Donna Bell, and Devin Odom.